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Jade Peach Refreshing Toner Gives skin nourishing and tender treatment. Rich peach gum is obtained from the peach tree, having nourishing ingredients is chosen with some additional hot spring water. They soothe the skin and refresh and hydrate it making it more silky, soft, and tender. It also helps the skin to cover up dryness and retains the normal water level of the skin. Keeping the skin more fresh and radiant, and leading to elasticity and translucent skin. Jade Peach Refreshing Toner

Packaging: 100ml


Soothing and hydrating

Nourishes skin

Best for open pores

Improves dryness and lack of water

Shrinks pores

No stickiness

Cures sensitivity

Good for fine lines and wrinkles

Reduce pigmentation

No chemicals added

Good foraging

Reduce pigmentation associated with sun exposure


Aqua, Glycerin, Peach resin extract (peach gum obtained from peachtree), Peach flower extract, Barley, Oats, Licorice (in Urdu called as Mulethi), Spring water,Gentiana scabra root extracts ( flower grown mainly in the US and Japan), Sophora Angustifolia root extracts ( perfect for skin whitening and good foraging and pigmentation.

How to use

After cleansing applies an appropriate amount to the skin and gently pat until fully absorbed.


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Jade Peach Refreshing Toner