Bridal Skincare Deal

  • Get glowing and rejuvenating skin with wowo’s best skin-care products. Its ideal for Pre-Wedding Bridal Skin-Care Routine 2020,  Every Bride-to-be Needs To Get Her Hands-On on this deal to get the most promising results.
  • WOWO brings an easy cleaning solution for removing dirt, unnecessary oil, makeup, or dead cells in one go
  • You also get a silk face mask in this pack which is an instant solution to get silky smooth skin. This mask is vegan which will refine and rewind your skin the main ingredient of this product is Tea Polyphenols antioxidants.
  • Say goodbye to unnecessary oil and remove stubborn dirt with our face toner. It improves the overall condition of the face. Can also be utilized as a face cleanser.
  • Dark circles and fine wrinkles are no longer a problem since WOWO Pakistan has introduced an Eye Cream that will diminish all your dark circles. It contains all the ingredient which is best for an anti-aging skin-care solution.

The midnight cream is a Blend of Licorice and Bearberry extracts that play a key role in skin revitalizing & whitening in our MIDNIGHT RECOVERY CREAM.

This deal includes:

  1. Cleaning Solution
  2. Silk Face Mask
  3. Face Toner
  4. Eye Cream
  5. Midnight Cream
Bridal Skincare Deal